Expo 2008 Zaragoza

The Expo is an international fair, established during the industrialization period. Nowadays, like in the Expo Zaragoza of 2008, it is a fantastic opportunity of travelling through the whole world in only a few days. Many of the 193 countries present themselves here. They show their countries’ most interesting facets. That way, you can sip some tea from Bhutan in one moment, and walk over Sahara sand the next.

International exhibits, international visitors – and even international food. Awesome! Add some mind-blowing art and architecture. An amazing experience altogether!

Theme of the Expo Zaragoza: Water and sustainability

I spend 5 days at the Expo Zaragoza. Even the city itself is well worth a visit. But the Expo area was in particular. I roamed around from the early morning until late at night, exploring, learning and taking pictures.

This is a selection of my photographs:

Expo Zaragoza: Entrance area
Entrance area

Expo Zaragoza: Bridge and the river Ebro
Bridge over the Ebro

Expo Zaragoza: Buildings and sky
A different perspective

Expo Zaragoza inside the pavilions

Expo Zaragoza: Pieces of art

Expo Zaragoza: painted vase

Expo Zaragoza: Projection and stones

Expo Zaragoza: Carpet and screen

Expo Zaragoza: Installation with birds and projection

Expo Zaragoza: Sculpture on stones

Expo Zaragoza: People in a hallway

Expo Zaragoza: Asian sculptures

Expo Zaragoza: Pieces of art

Art pieces dealing with the water theme

Expo Zaragoza: Art piece

Expo Zaragoza: People in a staircase

Expo Zaragoza: Tubes

Expo Zaragoza: Sculptures of fish

Expo Zaragoza: Signs with letters

Expo Zaragoza: Art piece

Expo Zaragoza: Art piece

But everything got even better after sunset at the Expo Zaragoza. Colors, concerts, installations. And, most of all: A lot less people!

Expo Zaragoza: Sunset above Expo

Expo Zaragoza: Pavilion and people

Expo Zaragoza: Pavilion and people

Expo Zaragoza: Escalators and people

Expo Zaragoza: Pavilions

And then this impressive show on the water. Every night:Expo Zaragoza: Watershow

Expo Zaragoza: WatershowMerken

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