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About Life is a Trip:

On Life is Trip you will find travel stories and travel advice! I have 75 countries under my belt and a lot of anecdotes to tell! Check out my books, too, one of them is also available in English:

Bücher von Marco Buch

About Marco Buch:

I am a curious person. I am someone who wants to try everything at least once before judging about it. I am someone who is always open to something new and who knows how to cherish the moment. And I like being on the road.

During the last fifteen years I have spent about four years combined travelling this fantastic planet. The list of countries I have visited grows permanently (currently: 75). But I don’t do it for the number, as anyone can hop from A to B for getting stamps in his passport. I want to indulge in a place and inhale it with all my senses. And then I want to tell stories about that. And maybe it’s you who wants to read them!

Life is a trip

I have worked in more than 100 different jobs. At the moment I describe myself as a location scout and location manager for film shoots, blogger, tourguide and author. During the last two decades I have lived in four countries (Germany, USA, Spain and Thailand) and five federal German states. Currently I feel at home in Brandenburg and on the island of Ko Phangan, Thailand.

And now, let’s get back on the road, shall we?!

Life is a trip


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