Panaji Sunset Cruise / Partyboat in Goa

Some companies in Goa’s capital Panaji offer a so-called Goa sunset cruise on the Mandovi River. Everyone told me not to go, but I can strongly recommend otherwise!

The Goa sunset cruise has hardly anything to do with sunsets though. Instead, within just an hour you experience a full-on party, from the beginning to the end. The bar on the boat is already open before taking off and serves everything you can imagine. Very nice here: The Kingfisher Beer comes in 0,5 l cans! Also the huge soundsystem is already on before the Goa sunset cruise starts, and the people are warming up. You don’t see a lot of tourists, much more locals from other parts of India who are on holidays in Goa and ready to celebrate.

And then the show begins. First, men dance, then kids, on the stage built especially for that. In between, there are displays of typically Goan dances. Then the ladies are aksed onto the dancefloor and in the end, everyone is dancing together to the electronic Indian tunes. Just like with bumper cars, the DJ makes comments through a microphone every few seconds. And just when the party has its climax, the cruise is over again.

Kind of a party in fast-forward, unique!

There is a whole bunch of boats offering a Ga sunset cruise on the river in the late afternoon and it seems they have an illumination competition going.

I have turned the approximately 60 minutes of the show into approximately 60 seconds. Enjoy!

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