Lost in translation – My favorite typos from around the world! – Part 1

Please don’t get me wrong: I do not want to ridicule anyone around the world for the typos and misspellings they use. English is clearly not their first language and I seriously appreciate them for at least trying. But these signs you find while travelling are just hilarious sometimes!

Even I often make mistakes in English, so feel free to find them and laugh about them, too!

But here come some of the ones that made me smile the most during my travels.

Ready? There you go:


Now this one is a common one in South East Asia, good for a start. ‘No have’ simply means ‘There isn’t’. The ‘No have’s and ‘Can not’s will probably resonate forever in everyone who’s been there for a little bit. I can still laugh about it every time I see or hear it! But let’s get a little weirder:


What danger? And the machine is being what?! I guess we’ll probably never find out. It’s good when a sign includes a phone number, so you can possibly ask how it’s meant:


This one cracks me up! ‘Sell to land’ instead of ‘Land for sale’. Brilliant! No need to call the number… But it was going to get worse:


Ever since I took this picture, I am wondering what a butt centre might be. Thinking about it, it could really  be a lot of things

Why not come back to something more normal like happy air? Yes, you heard me right:

13 SE Asia 08 -  125

Well, the most important thing is indeed happiness. So why not buy happy air?! And after that, maybe something to eat?


Frying pans, fried pans – it really isn’t easy sometimes…

Ready for something philosophical?


Personally, I think I get it. At least line 2. Maybe.

It gets better though; and almost more philosophical, that is:


Now, don’t you love summer body, too?!

OK, back to food:


They pickled a whole village? I never got to see that… I wonder what it would taste like, all these houses and streets and stuff…

Yeah. I guess that’s what you get from pickled villages…

What about a happiness buffet instead?

Thailand 10_11 538

Funny, right? Does that, for some reason, make you think of mud? No? Well, now it might:


It really does not get much better than soaking collective mud. It is probably the most ‘integrating’ activity of all.

What about some water with it? Warm, you say? Sure! I’ll make it real warm for you:


Seriously, how are these Asian chefs doing all that stuff? All these delicious dishes are one thing, but chapeau for frying water. Like, seriously.

Well, one thing is for sure: Food is always a more pleasant experience in Asia than changing money. Here comes one of many reasons why that is:

13 SE Asia -  015

Get it? I don’t. Never mind. Just hand them the bills.

Well, but if there is one thing you should never forget, then it is this:


Ah, and, of course this:

13 Indonesia - 02 -  052


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