DIY: Building a raft in Thailand and sinking it!


How stupid can you actually be?!

I have mentioned it a few times already: Sometimes I wish I hadn’t met my friend John with all his crazy ideas. This time I even cancelled a flight to Brazil, just to join him and our mutual buddy Gui in building a raft and go down the Ping river in Thailand…

Well, that plan totally didn’t work due to a severe lack of water. Which we could have possibly known beforehand if we had done some research…

But what should we do instead? We decided for a road trip all the way through Thailand, from the North to the South. And that went pretty well until we discovered a lovely, lonely beach on airbnb where we stopped for a few days. Because it became clear quite quickly that fate was offering us another chance for our #diyraftventure! What happened then, I hear you ask. Well, sometimes pictures do, in fact, say more than a thousand words…

How to build a raft from flotsam in Thailand and sink it!


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